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Originally Posted by gnome View Post
You guys missed out on an awesome event - we had four 7er's in our pack of cars for the Bavarian Road Rally from Toronto to Miami, via the Tail of the Dragon. Met some great folks who brought their 740's and 750's from Atlanta, New Jersey, Markham and Dayton.
Tail of the Dragon was a blast, we had an M3 lead the pack, with the 7's in the middle and I was taking up the rear in my Touring - in car vid is amazing.
Next day we did the custom factory tour of the plant in Spartanburg - say the new X3 (not announced yet), X5M, and X6M being made there

Let's link up we want to make this an annual event and there were more 7er's we met in Ohio who want to come along next time.

Gnome (the guy with the modded Touring)
You were a part of that crew? I went down for the New Hope, PA meet, but did not continue for the rest of it. We will try and organize something together for next year

But in the mean time, let's get the 7's together. Mine is down for the count for the next 3 days, but will be back and running for the weekend. Throw out some ideas.

I am also down with the Downtown Toronto meet with the City Skyline behind us. Cherry Street FTW.
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