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Painted the front bumper. Finally. *rolleyes*
That was a pain in the ass.


Rock chips. Lots of it. To me, it was an eyesore. Looked like as if it was sandblasted.

Rock chips/paint cracks sanded and feather-edged.

R-M adhesion promoter for plastic, sprayed with Devilbiss SRI mini.

Nason 421-19 2K primer:

All sanded with P800 and 3M gray scuff pad on vents.

Waiting for base coat to flash. Don't mind the ghetto masking.

Finaly. clearcoat.

Paint guns of choice:

Sata HVLP 3000 digital with 1.3 tip for basecoat (R-M Diamont).

Sata RP 3000 with 1.3 tip for Lesonal ProAir clearcloat.

Result was pretty good. I'll take more pictures later when I install the bumper.

Thanks for looking!

Next: Clearcoating headlights.
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