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Updated yet again!

Hi guys thought I'd update this thread rather than starting a new one. I have done a few updates to the car yet again! Since the last update I have done version 2 of the rear lights and took the heavy tint off. I think it looks much better than the previous.
I have changed the wheels to AC Schnitzer Type 3's with ACS 7mm spacers all round.
I changed the tail pipes so now have two nice shiny tail pipes poking out the rear. Coilovers have been fitted and looks good so far. I will be dropping the height down a little further just to finish off.
Genuine AC Schnitzer mirrors have been fitted along with a carbon fibre style CSL bootlid.
Lastly I have got rid of the nasty chrome window trim. I removed it myself and fitted a second hand matt black replacement.

Here is what she looks like now!

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