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Originally Posted by maroli View Post
i'm a huge fan too. I discovered the used car buying guide about the sagaris and that's when I became a (bigger) fan. And don't forget dry carbon hood and optional titanium exhaust for the r26.r

And the M3 GTS is nowhere near reasonable!! lol. Isn't it over 100,000 USD? I know that I'd take a GT3 for that kind of money!
Ya I know it doesn't fit his price range, but I don't care. I want.
I think it's the equivalent of $150Gs in Germany, but in Germany cars are much more expensive (yes even German cars), so maybe $100-120 here. That's because they're only building a couple hundred. If they made a series production that could keep the cost down. And a GT3 RS is certainly more expensive than that. I think I'd have the M3 myself.
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