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So thought I better update the thread with what's been going on....

Finally got the matching springs in the rear of the car, so now the car has proper
matched spring rates, and installed a used set of Boge rear shocks, and the cars feeling much better. The rear sub frame bushings are getting bad, so looking into some poly bushings and hoping to upgrade the rear control arms while I have it apart.

Also got a chip for the car, since I was so impressed by the Mark D chip I had in the e30, it was an easy decission on which chip to go with. Mark D's tunes are second to none, and must say I am more then impressed with his OBD1 chip for the 325is. The jump in torque is more then noticable through the entire rpm band, and the 7200 redline will be more then helpful at this weekends autocross.
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