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Cruise to Bimmercruise.....Anyone Going?

I think I'm planning on heading up to Bimmercruise in Brampton Sunday Sept 19.

Sept 19 2010, at the Powerade Center in Brampton. There will be a cruise to the Powerade Center from Somewhere in the Peel region. The cruise starts at 9am, and should arrive at the Powerade Center around 12pm.

So, is anyone going to Bimmercruise? If so, maybe whoever is going should cruise up together. We should set a rally point in Windsor, and a leave time from Windsor.

Since I'm in Chatham, I will be leaving from Chatham. We should set a time when the Windsor crew is coming up to the Chatham section of the 401, so that way I, and anyone else can meet up and join the Windsor guys.

I'm going to see if anyone from London is going as well. So maybe we can meet up with them too.

Even if people wait on the side of the 401 so they can just take off and join when they see the convoy coming.

Anyway, lets see what we can't get together.

Here is the link to Bimmercruise with details.


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