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BPA is one of those chemicals that we can actually do without. The only reason why the industry uses it because its a bit cheaper than the toxic free alternatives.

I think that is reason enough for a public outcry.

I dont think people are being unreasonable, nor are media outlets that takes this to the extreme. Corporations are not looking out for your health and well being. Also, why the hell are we using some plastics, and chemical compounds when we do not understand the full effects on the human body? Because a) its cheap and b) they lobby the government.

The only way we can get them to stop using these chemicals is if we take it to the next level. And the creation of these toxic compounds like BPA have more then just 1 effect. That is, while yes the compound is being used in our bottles and cans and receipt paper, what you are not told is the poison and toxic shit they have to dump into the atmosphere to make it. The problem is two fold.

So pretty soon, you wont be able to hide under that rock either. And you know, the industry has started taking heed to the citizen complaints. Many bottle and can products no longer have BPA lining, or are made using BPA. If a few people hadn't taken it to the extreme, and also used science above that, we wouldn't be where we are today and there would be no alternative bpa products.

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