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First, wtf are you talking about? Who posted "tin foil hat" theories? This is fact.
Second, who told you to avoid it and to live under a rock to be safe? No one.

The only thing this article does is tell you an alarming statistic.

As for eating fish with mercury.....

First: Fish with heavy metal traces are usualy bigger fish - specifically tuna, though many fish do have significant traces of heavy metals in them.. No one said do not eat tuna, HOWEVER, there are warnings out there that specifically say do not eat tunna fish more then 2-3 times per week because it considerably increases heavy metal traces in your body faster then your body can get rid of them.

Its the same with many other fish as well, people are told to limit their consumption on a week to week basis. As in, DO NOT EAT FISH EVERY ****ing day. To get the benefits from fish, 2 times a week is all you need.

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