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I agree...

I don't know what quantity of BPA is required to be in your body to be harmful...just like avoiding seafood because of mercury. eating fish is good for your diet. how much fish do you have to eat to reach harmful levels of mercury?

i'm not going to avoid eating fish because they may contain some mercury. I think the health benefits outweighs the mercury content.

better go live in middle of nowhere and farm your own food while wearing a tinfoil hat. all these chemicals are pretty much unavoidable now. and no way we could live a healthy life without importing our food now given how short our growing season is and ability to grow a diversity of food locally.

could we be doing something better? sure no doubt about it. continue to support the ban but can't live under a rock either.

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Yeah they had a spot about this on the news a few nights ago talking about all the shit that has BPA. I was laughing most of the time because on some of the shit they were saying.

...Oh receipts that are glossy are coated in BPA, you touch the receipt then don't wash
your hands and eat and it gets into your system...... the seal on the undersides of beer bottle caps are coated with BPA...

Seriously, how many receipts do I need to lick and how many beers do I need to drink before I have a dangerous level of BPA in my system....
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