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Originally Posted by Sneaky View Post
Did you plead not guilty.
I plead not guilty. #1, if I hadn't been cut off, my attention would not have been diverted from ahead of me, where I should have been looking.

#2, If my car had ABS I wouldn't have slid as far as I did.

Originally Posted by Sneaky View Post
I hit the guy, I take responsibility but I don't think i was driving carelessly. Anyways the cop told me to take it to court and they'll lessen the charge. I'm wondering what I should plead though. Im guilty of hitting someone, but I dont think I was guilty of driving carelessly. I wasn't on my cell phone, I was fully aware of everything that happened.
Why plea guilty if your not. Just say that you take responsibility for not being able to stop safely and effectively, and that you don't believe you driving carelessly. Like you have just said.

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