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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Did he have a turn signal on, left perhaps? Why stop dead in the middle of an intersection when light JUST turns yellow. Which begs the question how do you time that shit, he is driving along and looks up while IN the intersection see's yellow and brakes. Sorry bro I like you but that shit dont make sense, unless he was making a left and in that case 100% your fault. jmo
No he wasnt making a left. It was right at the corner of church and Gerrard.

Regular traffic, regular speeds. The light is green and he goes threw and it turns yellow and he slams on the breaks. I was behind him expecting to go through and I hit him. He was a good 5-6 feet past the line when he stopped.

I talked to the witness today and he remembered everything that happened.

I hit the guy, I take responsibility but I don't think i was driving carelessly. Anyways the cop told me to take it to court and they'll lessen the charge. I'm wondering what I should plead though. Im guilty of hitting someone, but I dont think I was guilty of driving carelessly. I wasn't on my cell phone, I was fully aware of everything that happened.
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