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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Yeah they had a spot about this on the news a few nights ago talking about all the shit that has BPA. I was laughing most of the time because on some of the shit they were saying.

...Oh receipts that are glossy are coated in BPA, you touch the receipt then don't wash
your hands and eat and it gets into your system...... the seal on the undersides of beer bottle caps are coated with BPA...

Seriously, how many receipts do I need to lick and how many beers do I need to drink before I have a dangerous level of BPA in my system....
Dont be an egg head.

First, BPA is not entirely dangerous to you, its dangerous to your -maybe- kids. It ****s up your eggs or sperm. It also plays havoc to some degree with your hormones.

Second, BPA is one of those toxic substances that yes, being in receipt paper is cause for concern because people handle it every day.

Because the full effects of BPA are not known to this day, but has been linked to several problems, its better to have less of it in our society, rather then more.

But keep laughing doctor. Clearly you know alot about this dangerous chemical that has been BANNED in baby bottles and other prodcuts.
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