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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
So basically you're going to court with your witness to tell them you did in fact rear end a guy? What's the point? Telling them that you tried to swerve doesn't make any sense.

Did you get charged with careless driving? It was still your fault you hit him, it wasn't because he stopped when he chose to.

The guy stopped and you didn't/couldn't which means one of two things... you were going too fast or following too close in order to stop regardless where the guy in front of you decided to stop.

If the guy in front of you was able to stop for a yellow in the middle of the intersection you shouldn't have even bothered to try to go through in the first place and stopped for the light and the accident would have been avoided altogether.
Your mostly true. Years ago in London, I was driving in the rain, and I was not familiar with the town at that time. I was cut off just at the top of a hill coming up to a set of traffic lights. On the down grade of the hill there were a line of cars stopped. I saw this the second after being cut off. I slammed on my brakes (car didn't have ABS), I started to skid, and cranked my wheel hard left, but went straight into the car stopped in front of me. I was then rear ended by another car. The car who rear ended me gave a statement that coincided with mine. My charge of careless was dropped after the other drivers statement.

Sometimes a witness can help out. Other times, not so much. It all depends on how fast you were going, and how closely you were folowing, like NOTORIOUS said.

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