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Your thoughts on replica rims

hey guys,

I recently purchased a set of 18" M3 Reps for my 06 323i but I'm not sure if I should put them on. A friend of mine has had some bad experience with replica rims in general (he drives doesnt drive a bmw but a mazda speed6) and is advising me to be careful. He's popped two sets of tires when he previously had replicas and tells me that my tires will start to have bumps and bubbling after a while since the quality of the rims aren't as good as OEMs. His tires eventually popped and he had quite a hassle to deal with. He also tells me that since bmws are such heavy cars, the replica rims have a greater chance of breaking or causing the tire to pop if I don't have good tires.

I was wondering what were some of your thoughts on replica rims and which tires would work well for me given that I drive mainly from point a to point b and handle my car carefully.

Thanks in advance
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