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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Im kind of surprised that there are so few titles posted in here. I was expecting a hundred titles.
I can always add more titles – but I think mine would go further off topic:
  • ‘The Chariot Makers’ – Steve Matchett. Ex-F1 mechanic discusses what it takes to design the ideal grand prix car – with lots of historical nuggets from his career with various teams and drivers.
  • ‘Infidel’ – Ayaan Hirsi Ali – what tribal Islamic oppression of women in Africa is really like – by someone who survived and had the guts to escape it.
  • ‘What’s good bad and downright awful in Canadian Investments Today’ – Rob Carrick. This book is dry, but accessible, and most importantly it’s making me money – so something must be right about it.
  • ‘Principles of Performance Driving’ – Jackie Stewart. I’m just getting started on this one. My instructor/mechanic insisted I read it before going to the track again
I have read quite a few by Richard Dawkins. He’s been publishing for many years, and it’s interesting to see how his clear explanatory style has remained consistent in all that time. He is a biologist, and I am not. So I am very impressed with how easily he can make me understand something as complex as evolution, genes, speciation and embryology.

Specific titles in this area would be:
  • The Blind Watchmaker
  • Climbing Mount Improbable
  • The Ancestor’s Tale
These are highly accessible to anyone that is interested in how we got here.
Also the already mentioned Selfish Gene. This is a much older book, and is substantially more technical – but I insist that it is still accessible, if you really want to understand how genes actually work.

Of course Dawkins is probably better known these days for God Delusion. Excellent book but it is obviously very different from his bio books mentioned above. Some don’t like the way he writes in God Delusion, because they feel he is venturing too far from his actual expertise. But that should not bias one against his other books above.
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