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Slow leak threw side wall !

so the last few weeks ive noticed every now and then both front tires will be flat or atleast missing air.

I took both off today and used soap and water, i couldnt find a thing. i brought it to dream tire in burlington, the guy there did the same thing. couldnt find anything,

I have minimum camber ware, and replaced all tires this year. the guy at dream tire said the only thing he could think of was the slight ware is weakening the side wall, and is escaping threw the bead. I will try and post pictures, as it is VERY light ware.

my back tires have more camber, and i havent had a problem. has any one had this problem ? the only thing the guy could suggest was

A) taking all air out of tire, putting a thin layer of silicone and then reinflating, or
B) trying to buy the "green slime" from canadian tire and see what happens.
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