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LOL at some of these suggestions when the OP said they were trying to read more of the "Western Canon"...

I'm sure history will remember the current-events-profiteering Afghanistan book where one dude gets an axe in the head as one of the greats of Western literature.

If you are really trying to read some of the Western Canon I'm sure you will get a better reading list from English Lit 101 course pages or wikipedia or whatever.

As for less canonical stuff from the last 100 years or so... heh... I've been re-reading Heart of Darkness. Not really one of my personal favourites but it does stand the test of time and stay relevant... and has some great passages.

I love Don DeLillo... Not his recent work so much-- although perhaps in 10 years I will realize how prophetic it is-- but the 80s and 90s stuff is without peer. I recommend White Noise as a starting point and everybody who isn't scared off by 800+ page tomes should read Underworld. Beatiful, beautiful book.

Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre is a really enjoyable read, and everybody loves laughing at school shootings, right?

I finally read Franzen's "The Corrections" and really enjoyed it too, for the most part. Really really touching at times, very funny at others.
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