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From top to bottom:

Throttle body gasket
Intake plenum gasket
Valve cover gasket
Valve seals (around the stems)
Rocker arms if you find any that look cracked
Camshaft bearings
Waterpump gasket
Piston ring set (includes compression rings and all 3 parts of the oil ring)
You shouldn't need wrist pins, but check em out anyways
Connection rod bearings (at crankshaft)
Crankshaft main bearings
Front main seal
Rear main seal
Front main seal for oil pump
Timing Belt plus tensioner
O-ring for the large crankcase tube
Oil pan gasket

Other things that are worth mentioning

Injector o-rings (or get them rebuilt)
Transmission input shaft seal
Spark plugs
Spark plug cap and rotor
Clutch disc, lightweight flywheel, pressure plate

All those parts plus machine work (planing head, boring/honing cylinders, cleaning crankshaft, resurfacing flywheel (if you use your old one)) will run you atleast 1000 if you buy the less expensive stuff, upwards of 1500-2000 if you use OEM.

IMHO, its not worth it on an M20 unless your building it for serious boost. As a former M10 owner, there never be a situation/possibility of it ever worth putting any money or effort into an M10 (especially the money part).

when you buy gaskets, I highly recommend victor reinz or OEM only. I've had very good experiences with victor reinz products, and their head gaskets usually have the valve seals packaged with them too.

If your gunna rebuild a motor, do it once, do everything. If your not willing to spend the coin, if ain't broke dont fix it. These old motors are bullet proof and dont really need a rebuild unless you have plans for power. Plus, m20s are dirt cheap and plentiful so, if it breaks, just swap it
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