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I hate the effin' immobilizer !

so I finally got the steering wheel off(it was locked-wouldn't let go)
I ended up removing that lockin piece that springs up

*I unplugged the reddish orange thing opposite of the key(not sure what it's called) which I think set off the immobilzer.

I tried the battery trick(disconnect battery-put key in position1-wait 15min.-reconnect and start it up)
this worked-so I put everything back together again
went to start it up again...immobilized again!

tried the trick again a few times-waited longer than 15(i can't see the countdown that's supposed to happen so I just set my iphone timer)

any ideas?

I kinda wanna punch the car in the face-well the obc anyway...

grey4door 325ix parts car !!SOLD!![IMG]
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