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Small update:

Got my hands on:

Euro floating rotors
Euro coolant expansion tank
and some other nifties

So in the last week I changed the valve cover gasket, installed my new OBDI crank and o2 sensor.

Today I worked on routing the main hose for the coolant tank. Normally you'd use a "proper" hard line that runs from the timing cover to the back of the head and from there a factory hose that runs behind the head to the tank. But I wasn't in the mood for ordering these parts when I could jimmy rig something up myself that does the same job.

Pics of hose routing:

And I finally have the wiring harness and vacuum lines all sorted and connected, along with the install of the Euro oil filter housing:

So I'm ready to slap the manifold on once I get a few parts in the mail.

Had to order a custom 14mm to 12mm banjo bolt for the oil housing because the US version is too big for the Vanos oil line. Also ordered an AN-10 line conversion kit for it as well. Still looking for an oil cooler.

And I'm also waiting on the Suspension still

Hoping to be done by September

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