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I bought the black one from North York Chev conditional on inspection at a BMW Dealership. I took it to Open Road BMW. (Keep in mind both stores are owned by the same auto group - NewRoads).

BMW Tech noted that the following items were required replacing for safety:
- Front Ball Joints
- Front Thrust Rod Bushings
- Steering Column Joint
- Windshield
- Rear Wiper
- Driver Side Exterior Mirror
- Rear Tires

I notified North York Chev I would continue with the purchase as long as those items were addressed - as I bought the car certified & etested. They told me it passed safety by their tech and didn't need any of those items.

After a lot of back and forth I told the dealership I would take possession then drive straight to my independant mechanic for a 3rd party safety. If it failed, I would notify MTO and they would force the dealer to replace any items that failed.

They kept saying they were uncomfortable selling me the truck and we should just cancel the deal. They were using the excuse that I had unrealistic expectations and that I wanted the vehicle "reconditioned" - when all I wanted was the basic items required for a valid safety replaced.

Bottom line: they sold it to me at a low price not realizing that it needed these items and realized they were going to take a loss if required to repair everything so they were not honouring our agreement.

I ended up getting this white one for $2k more from a private seller but with 30,000km less and with more features - so I'm happy.
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