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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Question, did they put a top coat/sealer on it yet?

See from what I understand the type and thickness of the gravel base that will be installed under the blacktop is the most important thing. What I believe you are seeing is the mixture of larger stone which makes up the top surface. You can make it pretty but it doesnt mean its stronger. Also it is actual best to seal months later and let the drive cure.
No, they have not put or as far as I know plan to put a sealer on it.

The have put a single 3 inch layer of "HL3a" asphalt and that's all they are doing. A bunch of driveways in my area have been getting re-done lately and they all look a heck of a lot better than mine.

I understand about letting it sit for a while before sealing, but some of the gaps in the surface are too large fo a sealer to fill completely.

Thanks for you input.
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