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In 2005 I bought a vr6 golf from New Jersey and got it shipped here for $600, no joke....two years after in 2007 my dad bought a Mercedes ML500 from Texas and he shipped it here for $1100.
Those are the only two I know. What we would do, both times we would call truck transporting companies and ask them for quotes. They will do a better price then a company that actually send out a guy to pick it up and transport your car back.
The trucking company sometimes sends a guy out with a shipment and on the way back so he doesn't drive "empty" will pick up the car back. They will only charge you for the length of the car. Because your not filling up the whole 53 foot trailer, they will charge you only for 8 or 10 feet or so. You just need to bring the car to a "dock" so they can load the car into the trailer and tie it down to the floor of the trailer.
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