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Originally Posted by tg07lq View Post
this asshole met me everytime he said he would, and on top that this piece of shit sold me immaculate parts for a great deal, wtf is up with that?

whats more he helped me to install the shit and find anythign else i needed, what a ****in asshole eh?

if you guys have shit to say make sure you pick someone who would actually do this stuff, enough members here know the guy, sure you made plans around meeting him but he let you know. shit doesnt work out, ya maybe you feel entitled to more reply or more answers but as it stands id reccomend doogee as a seller to anyone for both quality parts and a stand up guy to back what he sells.

F**king classic lol. ^^

This thread is crazy. I apologized and admitted I'd be put off if I was in the same situation. Just didn't have time to meet up.

Maybe I'm weird but if this happened to me, I'd move on instead of posting a hate thread.

I could see if I did sell something that was crap, ripped you off and stopped answering. I don't know, that's just me.

And as for the two year old complaint, come on. That was two years ago. We talked about trading grills but I never had a solid decision. I don't know where you got the idea that I bailed on you multiple times. If that was the case, post the PMs and I'll gladly admit to being wrong.

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