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That's a typo it was an 01. They took it back for $16.5k, and I bought the Tacoma from there as well, it was 2 years old on the used lot with 37000km. It was $31k, I dropped off the bimmer, took the truck, and my monthly payments stayed within $10. I was looking for a reason to get rid of the X5 anyways, over the past couple of years it's been asking for a lot, especially the way I maintain them. Plus in comparison to my 20 year old F150 it couldn't haul worth anything. It can haul a couple of seadoos and canoes, but that's about it. Compared to my F-150 or Jeep it's weak... luxurious and expensive, but weak. I've never seen a car stuggle so much with a 22' Larson hitched to it.

I should note, I'm a negotiator as a profession so I can work my way around a petty car salesman. We've bought our last 15-20 cars from this same dealership and we only take our cars there, even the 1990 Volvo beater, the Jeep, the 84 GTi, and every toy inbetween, we've spent a few college tuitions' worth there in the last decade alone. They treat me like royalty, so when I was upset that a guarantee was, well... not guaranteed, they were more than willing to work with me to seat me in a newer vehicle. They took the car back for much more than wholesale, even retail, but I've paid my dues and they continue to get payments from me for 4 seperate vehicles, I call it a win-win.

But the point is, rust protection is garbage. I can understand the theory behind it, but cathodic and anodic protection on every part of the car is impossible. Independent tests even show that it can slow it down, but not prevent corrosion on vehicles, especially those continuously abused by snow and salt.

What I've found to be the killer after 20 years of dealing with rust, is my heated garage. I roll in with snow and salt on the car, park it, and go inside. When all the snow melts it leaves the undercarriage damp, salty, and now in a hot environment, where rust calls home. Get your car Krown rust proofed EVERY october, and keep it outside during the winters, but wash it weakly (auto car wash is fine for a season, but do a detail in March or April), that's the best advice I have.
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