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Originally Posted by Megageek View Post
Has anyone experienced this before? When I switch gears from 1st to 2nd, for the time I take my foot off the gas and engage the clutch, I hear to strange metallic noise coming from what sounds like the right side of the car. It sounds like something is loose. I have a service appointment tomorrow for a burnt out headlight, so I plan on bringing it up. Also I hear the noise when Im in neutral and a hit the gas. After I squeeze the gas and the rpms go back down I can hear it.

I have a 2007 335i, standard.

Also, on average how long does the mirror tilting when you put it in reverse last? both my mirrors stopped doing this days after buying the car. I hope its still covered under the remaining balance of the warranty.
sounds like something cold be loose but its hard to say without hearing it first hand. is the sound persistent and increase with the revs or only there for a short time when you engage the clutch and and rev in neutral?

as for the tilting mirror thing. my car is an '01 and the mirrors still tilt.

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