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Aftermarket vs OEM Clutch Fans

So I had my clutch fan replaced with an aftermarket one a couple of months ago and the dam thing won't turn off (very annoying). It's on all the time, makes my car sound like a big rig. Even when I start it (cold start) it comes on full blast and than gradualy slows down as my car warms up. But regardless of whether my engine is hot or cold, I could hear the fan (it's really loud).

On a cold night, it's not as loud but still noticable. On a hot summer day (like today) it's on full blast.

My friend's exact same car doesn't have the same "problem".

I've had some people say it's not normal, others say it's normal, while others say it's happening because it's an aftermarket clutch fan.

I've asked numerous people and can't really get a clear cut answer. Would replacing it with an OEM clutch fan prevent it from being on all the time? Want to make sure before I shell out the $300 for an OEM one.
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