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E30 Timing belt tensioner spring


A quick question, we just did a timing belt change on my buddy's 1987 325(E) and noticed that the tensioner spring is not there... at first I thought the last guy that changed the belt didn't use the tensioner spring, so I was planning on grabbing it from a 1985 325E that I'm parting out, so I took the cover off and... guess what... no spring...

is it possible that the spring is only in select models? I haven't done the work on my 325IS yet, so I'm not sure with the "I" engines if its different or not...

also, how tight should this belt be, we did it as tight as possible, and there was still a little bit of play, but someone at work today said that was a bad idea, and the belt should be on the looser side....

Let me know, kind of confused by all this, and this is my first time doing the job. I'm sure it won't be last

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