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Originally Posted by sexxxybimmer View Post
how does it work?
u get 80hp?
what is it to install?
how much?
It is software, not a piggy back box. Those work by modifying values from the sensors to trick the ECU into thinking boost is lower than it is, or intake air temp is lower than the actual IAT. The software works by changing the actual limits for values like max boost, or ignition timing and fuel, or speed limiter in the ECU's data section. That is the proper way to do it.

Yes you will get 80 hp more. I'll try to get a newer dyno sheet soon, the current one shows a 60 hp gain but that was developed in 2008 and it's been improved since then.

You just come to my location and I will install it via the OBD-2 port. It's best if you come once to have the ECU read, and return a few days later to have it written, if possible. Or come over one evening for reading which takes an hour, and the next evening for writing which takes 20 to 25 minutes. (Or it can all be done on the same day if you are here by 2:00 pm at the latest and are prepared to wait around 3.0 hours in total)

I had originally planned to sell this for $1100, but am still testing the market to see what is the price that this will be a no-brainer for 135/335 owners and maximise sales. I'm willing to sell 3 tunes at around $550 as an introductory price. I was looking for one or two cars this weekend to come to Eurofest and dyno before and after for an even lower price, but nobody stepped up to the plate.

There are some advantages to buying locally, and one is that there is no down time caused by shipping the ECU to the USA. The 135/335 software was developed in Europe, and the tuner who developed it has been tuning these motors for around 2 1/2 years now, and sells to many dealers in Europe so a lot of testing has been done on many cars.

In the future, I will also have software available for other turbo configurations for these cars.

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