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Oh I'm working John!

So this morning, I hooked the motor up to the engine hoist. Got it all balanced out, and pulled it into the parking lot to plop it in the car, only to realized I forgot to take out the mockup motor! DOH!

I dropped everything, loosened off all the mounts, and pulled the mockup engine out. Found where my release bearing went, on the transmission! I pulled that off to clean/regrease it before putting it back in. After a lot of grunting, swearing, and scratching/cutting up my hand and arms, I got the motor in! I set the e30 318 rad in, and to my delight, fit fairly well.

However, the rad mounts a bit differently, so I had to make a bracket to bolt onto for the top, and I still have to make some sort of bracket along the bottom to support the rad. I'll get to that this week sometime. Here is my solution for the top bracket.

All welded in. Pounded around the rad cap with a hammer to get some clearance for the cap.

Bolted in a few odds and ends, one major piece: the starter. Needs some cleaning and paint, but I wanna see it in action first. It's easy to pull out later on. Hell on that note, the motor may have to come out once or twice more... the joys of building a project car!

One boo boo I managed today was to break the distributor housing. It wouldn't go in, so I tried to spread it apart with a screwdriver and.. SNAP! Well lucky me, my mockup motor had one. Yoink!

And this is how I left it for today... Damn, I might actually be able to hear this run by the end of this week?!


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