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Err... I almost forgot I have this car!

Finally I decided to get off my lazy ass today and get crackin'. I want this car running in 2 weeks (no reason, just thought I should set up a goal). I picked up a flywheel for it last week, so that kick started my desire to finish this hog.

I pulled the motor out from under the shelf this morning. Yes, I know, I need a prettier alternator... On the to-do list, but priority is run run runnn.

Here is my Turbo drain I had referred to earlier. It is drilled it at the back of the block, as per the instructions on the Callaway install manual. I found that as a better solution, because I didn't like having the drain in the pan... What if I need to take it off? One more thing to take off, and I'm damn lazy.

Here's the drains' plug, since I want to run the car NAed first just to make sure everything (motor) is copacetic.

Next thing was a new pilot bearing since the 2002 was actually an Automatic in it's first life. Next went the flywheel... and finally my old infamous solid disc Race Clutch I had on my E30 a few years back. I street drove that thing for 40k before I decided I'd had enough. Life expectancy on that sucker wasn't long, its already half worn, and I never even abused it, not once! Maybe it was from all the stalling it had to take from some maX members who couldn't drive it *cough*Mystikal*cough haha j/k bro. Regardless, for a track car that won't be ever in traffic, it's more than good enough, I don't have a problem recycling it for this project, even if it is temporary.

Lining up with the fancy BMW M clutch alignment tool aka blown up input shaft LOL.

I got sidetracked for the rest of the day helping out my friend change injectors on his newly built E30 325 racecar, which I must say turned out friggin' awesome! Just a couple odds and ends like front spoiler, brake ducts, etc and its ready to rock! This is where my old Koseis ended up.

Finally, before I called it a day, I managed to squeeze the old 318 engine harness into place. A couple few bolts to take care of to attach the alternator firmly, and it's ready to drop in tomorrow morning! Stay tuned!


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