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Let's be honest.......... there isn't an E30 owner here on this forum that's going to use this type of service. No E30 owners go to a stealership for service because of the costs.......... and you think they would actually spend money to go back to BMW for a restoration !??!?!? E30 owners are the cheapest bastards of the BMW world (I don't mean that in a bad way, just relatively speaking as it doesn't get any cheaper then an E30). Recent E30 owner quote......."Why do body work when duct tape does the same thing........." WTF??!?!??! The only E30 that I can see going back for a factory over-haul, which would be not only worthy but totally awesome, would be the M3. But I'd hazzard the ticket would be sky high.

I've mentioned this before. I believe there are bits hanging around to build a new E30 M3 from the ground up. I know there are factory unpainted shells in someone's ownership in Europe somewhere, and a friend of mine had a brand new factory crated up S14 motor that had never been installed. Imagine that........ a brand new zero mileage E30 M3.

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