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is BMW crazy
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Unhappy Life changing Dilemma

Plz help - life changing decision
Whats up guys I need some quality advice on what could be a life changing decision for me...

Ok, so, I have been living with this girl for awhile. I think shes cheating on me though. Not like crazy parties and stuff, just like banging some dude. Sometimes the phone rings and I pick it up and they hang up right away and whenever she goes out she always says shes like going out with the girls. And when I ask what girls she says I dont know them cause they are from work but she doesnt have a job. And then sometimes she comes home in a taxi and it drops her off a couple blocks away and she says its for exercise? And then the other day I picked up her cell phone to check the time and she went crazy on me telling me to never touch her phone and crap. I was like I dont have a watch right now and she just kept saying how I should never look at her phone again, privacy crap like that...

I really dont want to just come out and call her a freaking crazy cheating whore or anything cause I could be wrong, but last night she was going out again so I crept outside and I was hiding behind my car to see who was picking her up because my driveway is on a hill and I can see, like, the whole street. But I was crouched behind my car and I noticed there was a small dent in my bumper...

So should I take it to a body shop or could I go to a local auto store and get some stuff to do it myself??? Really don't know how to go about fixing it?

PS> Not my true story but a fun one I read elsewhere.
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