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Originally Posted by rendered View Post
Yeap, I have more than several of these from the previous condo i was living in with the Gf... I was even paying for a spot, had an arrangment with the owner of the spot, except the pervert property managment guy didn't like the fact my gf told him off for staring at her, he would consistantly get TO parking tkt maids to come in a write us tkts for my car..... I'd file them all for court... didn't hear a thing for 3 years... then all of a sudden Gay miller started opening more tkt courts just for back logged parking tkts, and what do you know... they resurfaced... So when I had some time to waste, I showed up for court, told them my story, and most of them were thrown out... Had a couple that weren't private property, that were reduced to $10.... so all in all... file those tkts, back up the system, and damn the man!
uhhhhhhhhhh 3 years? tell them its unreasonable wait time and you werent driving the car back then

why dont you just smear shit all over his doorknob or something

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