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i'll stick my noise in this too. everyone has their own opinion to this topic...

i've had a few experiences with cops before for dumb things and the cops were fairly ignorant about the whole situation. i'll just explain a couple.

when i was 16, i was driving my truck around town with my friend. not tearing around the streets, just cruising and then heading home. i pulled up my street to go home and the cop comes flying out of tim hortons, chases me up the street and pulls me over in my driveway. then asks me for my license and registration. a minute after another cop pulls up behind the orignal cop that pulls me over and then there is a cop on each side of my truck. the one on the passenger side flips open the door like he owns the truck. my buddy was leaning on the door and he almost fell out of the truck.

another time was about a year ago, my parents and i sitting in my car at the beach parking in grand bend with the windows down having a coffee at night. couple cops come up and then start asking us what we're doing and then wants to see our identification. like wtf, we're a family sitting together having a coffee. then right across from us in the public washrooms, there is a bunch of kids vandalizing something and they never did anything about that.

sure some of the g20 stories maybe extended lies. but the way cops intimidate people for no reason is bullshit. with the kid not wanting someone to search the bag, who cares. but the kids wasn't trying to push is way past them and the cops still kept invading him. at one point in the video, there is 4 cops hovering around him. even with the lady screaming at the cops. yeah sure that can cause people to go out of control, but to shoot her at close range right in the chest was a stupid move.

i saw all the cops corning everyone in. some people wanted to leave and the cops wouldn't let them. not everyone was there to destroy stuff or riot. what about the cars that got burnt, or the buildings that got vandalized. where were the cops then! they should have been right on top of that. then would have been a good time to shoot someone.
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