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Parking ticket on private property

I never thought it was possible but I got a parking to ticket today for 'park vehicle on private property without consent'.

I do have the permit except it was obscured - so might as well not be there, I guess. My plates are registered with security so not sure why they didn't bother to check. I'm rather surprised that a metro cop actually got asked to write up the ticket on private property.

My questions are:

- is taking to court only way to defend?
(A bit of a time waster for $30. Just gets me worked up due to the principle of it all. I actually do have a proper permit.)
- will the court even care if i showed them the permit. the permit is just a tag that hangs off the rear view mirror. like the judge would even know if it's legit. the company provided it, not some official label like street parking.
- has anyone gone through with this silliness before?

nice way for the city to make a quick $30! I guess it's a service the Toronto parking enforcement offers to private property owners. anything to make a buck!
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