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I'm 22. Currently unemployed, which is alright I guess since I cashed in large about a year ago and still have some change. I went last year for the Primerica job where you get hired under someone and then you become your own boss and hire all your friends so they can do financial advise to others ect. Made some good money off a group of 10 people. This is where I was getting some money and it was kind of door to door. Worst thing was talking to people about debt and stuff and I was in the same vote about it being shady. Like how do I make money off other people that I brought into the business? Well I stopped it because the Government raped my income tax but I still made some decent coin. I suggest that you get in contact with whatever you plan on doing in life (I myself am about to start a framing and drywall apprenticeship with a union) and get that started. Find out what you need ect. and go from there. Have faith that someone will end up giving a chance. In all my interviews I've ever done, I've always asked for the chance to prove myself, and you usually get a chance at it. Unfortunately, most people are hurting for jobs since the economy went boom. So keep your head up, keep pestering people and sending out those resumes like they are going out of style. People tend to see you when you send 5 resumes when others send 1.
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