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I used to work for one of those companies for a few weeks, it's all BS. I took the job because I figured I have nothing to lose. They ask for your info to call in to make the switch to the different company, there's no other way to do it. How it works is the gas company can't legally rent out appliances due to a fairly recent law, so they contract that out to other companies. Enbridge uses direct energy for that, but there are tons of other companies authorized by Enbridge to rent the appliances out. On paper they are perfectly legit companies, in fact one person I went to actually called direct energy and they told her it's legit. All the problems you hear about come from people posing as enbridge employees because they never send people to houses without calling first.

But in reality these companies are pretty much a pyramid scheme, you get commission for every sale, and some extra for every sale made by people you hired. That's why they hire pretty much anybody, and training takes no more than 20 minutes because they pretty much just give you the basics and set you off to do whatever you want. If you don't sell anything then oh well, if you do then someone above you gets a cut. The company I worked for gave $70 per sale, while that seems good and easy it's really not worth it because you get paid after the installation happens, not after they sign the contract. The problem with that is people have a few days to read through everything and cancel if they don't like it, which happens very often. They can just google the company name and they'll find a ton of people complaining so they'll just cancel. In the beginning I could've easily imagined this making lots of money, but now the market is completely flooded with these door to door companies so it's hard to find a neighborhood that hasn't had someone walk through it already, and since these companies hire anybody the image of these companies gets ruined when some dumbass gets pushy and scares the whole neighborhood. I've heard stories from people saying these salesmen just barge into the house demanding to see their heater and bill.

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