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I wouldn't do it. If I was even considering I would have to read and re-read the contract to make sure they can't raise the rate anytime they want....... it seems fishy anyways when a company does canvassing.

Lol when I was 15 I worked for the "Canadian Association for the blind" yeah, quote unquote.
My buddy brought on me and another friend to collect "donations" for this association that helps the was all cash and it was pretty good money for that age. If someone didn't want a receipt, that money went into my pocket cause it wasn't accounted for.....So I was unofficially stealing from the blind.
One night I go to a house and the chicks an optometrist and says she's never heard of the company...I argued and argued and even offered to put my boss on the phone and blah blah......
I eventually quit 3 weeks later cause I hated it.

2 years goes by and I see my former boss on tv in handcuffs being charged with fraud!
I called my buddy who worked with me and he saw it too. Completely oblivious. I mean, they took our picture and stuck it on a card all legit-like!
I looked back and thought.....hmm, I wasn't stealing, I was scamming the scammers!

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Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.
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