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Originally Posted by canuckder View Post
Where i work they use a paint sealer called zylon. Its alittle pricey, but the demenstration they gave was amazing. The clean up crew had told me, if theres pervious wax this stuff will "evaporate it" , so youll have to reapply wax. supposable helps with swirls and faded areas and will help pervent swirls. I dont know where else you can get it, but at applewood chevy (mississuaga, automall at erin mills and dundas).

I used a cleaner wax, applyed it like it said, then used wax from bav auto. I Dont think the wax i got was the best for the cost, i ussually like eagles nano wax, it gives a nice finish.

I actually have a half opened bottle of zylon, theres only a week left to use it. After opening you have 3 weeks, if your interested I could probably just give it to you. since i wont be using it again this year.

let me know! cal
I found out about Optimum Opti-Coat while researching Xzilon paint sealant (referred to as Zylon in this thread). I learned from web sites like Autotopia that Xzilon is an alright sealant but is not worth the money that the dealerships charge for it. You can get it on Ebay for the price of Crappy tire wax and do it yourself and literally save hundreds and hundred of dollars. I've read that the Opti-Coat is superior though, but you can't get it from Ebay or anywhere else for that matter, unless you are a detailer or car dealership.
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