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Originally Posted by joeyg View Post
Sorry to rehash an old thread, but Nick...regarding the Optimum Opti-Seal, do you put on the Optimum Car Wax first and then the Opti-Seal? The Opti-Seal is the wipe on and let dry and that's it sealer right?

Another a detailer do you have access to Optimum Opti-Coat, I am hearing from web sites like Autotopia that Opti-Coat is the real deal as far as sealants go but is only available to detailers and car dealerships. If you carry Opti-Coat, can you advise what it costs to apply this sealant?

I can acquire Optimum Opti-coat but have not seen a need to pick it up. I reserve judgement on a product for a while as in a lot of times it's just flavour of the month.

In terms of opti seal and optimum car wax. You will always want to apply a sealant before a wax. So opti seal first then optimum car wax

If you want a long lasting product I will always recommend Collinite waxes. You can top it off with your favourite wax and voila you have infinite amount of combination of looks, subtle but different.

Hope this helps.

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