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Originally Posted by Nerk View Post
Hey Guys,

I have 3 dashes sitting in my living room (I'm single, I can do that ) Anyhow, they have small cracks in them, I was wondering if they're repairable in any sort of way,.. I was thinking with some sort of crack filler, dyed or painted... maybe even leatheriques crack filler, I know it's meant for leather... I don't know...

Has anyone tried doing such a thing? or should I just toss these out... I hate seeing 80% good parts going to waste...

Let me know,
why not take the worse one and experiment with it. This way you'll know. Practice on that one ti'll you get good and then you can charge peeps to fix theirs if they don't want to remove it. :-) nothing like having a good vinyl guy. one way to stop the splitting is drill a tiny hole at the base and starting point of the crack. This will stop it from spreading.

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