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Originally Posted by nofear_102 View Post
Hi MarkD, why is that better? I would think the option to run multiple profiles and go back to stock at any time would be superior.
It's always better to be running software inside the ECU instead of adjusting signals from sensors to fool the ECU into what is really happening. That's how those other systems work.

And why do you really need multiple profiles? That is more marketing than anything else. Most people want the max power available, and those various profiles only satisfy people's interest in turning a dial and feeling like they are in control. If I had a 335 or M3, I'd want the most power always available. No need to dial in "church mode" on Sunday mornings.

Next year I hope to buy an E92 M3 and get it up to around 460 hp and I won't have any tuning box on it.

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