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Fifteen members of the RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit were sent home during the Games for misconduct that included skipping out of work to catch a hockey game and breaching a confidentiality agreement by taking pictures of Team Canada jerseys.

Another officer was sent home for coming to work without bullets. The majority of the incidents, however, involved “inappropriate intoxication,” allegations of unwanted sexual advances, and altercations between police officers and staff on the cruise ship that housed members of the security unit. One officer, RCMP Staff Sergeant Suzanne Denise Marie Martel of Ottawa, was criminally charged with shoplifting at a Burnaby store.

Several of the incidents involved police officers leaving unsecured guns lying around, in places including a washroom, their bedrooms and Vancouver airport. A few other complaints involved officers using foul or disrespectful language.

One officer was accused of trespassing into a rail yard and throwing rocks at parked train cars, while another was found sleeping on the job. It was also alleged that an RCMP officer grabbed an Estonian dignitary and ripped his suit. The police also disclosed that one officer called 911 from his cruise ship accommodation while he was drunk.

One of the more bizarre allegations was that a person wearing a balaclava at a Whistler gas station refused to take it off and showed police credentials before leaving. He could not be identified and the file was closed. There were three other instances where the police officers involved in the complaints could not be identified.
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