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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
where to even start. lies. its offtopic, so be quiet. why not be an adult & not read my threads if they irratate you so much. sorry we can't all have a 'cops are infalable & awesome' uniform single attitudes or opinions.

I mean what is your opinion so far: 'all protestors are hippy scum and the cops didn't arrest any1 that didn't deserve it (100%)' ??

yet again, another pointless reply

and yet again, you've avoided my questions and've just replied in a manner that's of benefit to you as usual... just like in other threads that i've commented on your posts

again i will ask, if you are so passionate and hardcore on these issues, why were you not down there expressing your views instead of posting them in an off topic section in a car forum???????

what good is posting on here going to do??? is it changing anything for you???

Instead of Whining about everything the Police and Government do, why not do something about it??

why not express your rights and civil liberties next time you deal with a cop in this city??? ... i haven't read any posts or seen any videos of your interaction with a cop???

your posts on a car forum are useless, get off the computer and do something about it instead of bla bla bla bla all the time...posting on here isn't changing anything!

I will read your posts and comment on them if i choose too, many times i don't bother reading them because it's always the same garbage! do you ever post anything other than the usual crap??

I have my opinion and you have yours, that's why they're called opinions, but i can tell you i speak for majority of people that are on this forum..most of them don't even bother posting because with you it's just going to be a back and forth posting war..most people on here are annoyed by all the insane spamming you do with your off topic threads!

if you're so anti-police, what's going to happen if your house gets broken into? you car stolen? you get assaulted? you get robbed?? what will you do then?? will you call the all-mighty power tripping rights violating Police??????....oh i think you will...ironic isn't it???

when they find and arrest the scumbag who robbed you, stole your car etc... then they're heroes and did an awesome job! but if they somehow violated one of his rights during the process! oh no! they are the devil! the bad guy shouldn't get arrested! he's got rights even though he stole my car! give him a chance! let him hug a tree!!

maybe because you are so anti-police you shouldn't have the right to call them if you need them? wouldn't that be something!

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