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Originally Posted by bunnykiller View Post
It's inevitable for government and people in power to be corrupt, some more than others.

It's human nature.
example. Say you walk into ur office and you see ur favorate sandwich at the table but you don't know whos it is so you dont take it. Now picture walking into that office everyday of ur life with a fresh sandwich being there. Maybe for the first 100 days you don't take it but eventually you are gonna walk in and be like 'hmm im hungry and gonna eat that shit up'.
thanks for conceding at least that

Originally Posted by 98M3NACE View Post

link, surprised you could not find it
'theater' its good they stopped the guy whatever he was upto, but obviously they knew before hand and had him under survailence long before.

some radio show was saying that 70 + university students were raided and arrested days before, and also raids of homes, arrests - like the guy in the above story.

Originally Posted by M3speed View Post
the point is, you spam this forum with nothing but anti-police, police state, anti-government posts and yet you weren't down there protesting about any of this???

what good is it doing posting your "mumbo jumbo" on here??? Many of us don't agree with your views, plain and're not getting your message across by posting this stuff on a car forum...if you're so hardcore about these something!!! don't just sit behind a computer monitor and type blah blah blah blah all the time

let's see a video of you expressing your charter of rights and freedoms on a cop in this city..that's a video i'd love to see

posting on here is just annoying people!
where to even start. lies. its offtopic, so be quiet. why not be an adult & not read my threads if they irratate you so much. sorry we can't all have a 'cops are infalable & awesome' uniform single attitudes or opinions.

I mean what is your opinion so far: 'all protestors are hippy scum and the cops didn't arrest any1 that didn't deserve it (100%)' ??

Originally Posted by joeyg View Post
That rumour is a crock of BS, same as the one that the cruisers were left as bait for the protesters to burn to justify police actions.

In this video about 42 seconds in, I see a plate on the front of the cruiser and I see a cop inside of it when it was first attacked by protesters.

The cruisers were abandoned because the police got caught by surprise and had to bail, ended up having to leave the cruisers behind because of the protesters attacking them.

The other stupid rumour was that the police let the cruisers continue to burn to again justify their agenda. The cruisers being left to burn because the area was unsafe for the fire dept. The fire dept will not go into extinguish the flames until the area is secure and it took awhile to do that.
at 2mins of that vid they show horse shit which is what the whole thing is!
20K riot cops, pre-emptive raids & arrests, martial law.. but yeah they got taken by surprise few back i posted how it was witnessed that they left the cars there & let violent protestors run free for 1.5hrs!!
in the very video you post you see cops re-swarm around their own car.
then they back away? why didn't see anything getting thrown at them?
go watch a few vids of the greece riots if you or any of you want to see real violent protests.

and the cancer of tyranny is spreading?

A man arrested at Thursday’s march against police repression around the G20 Summit has come forward to reveal that he was assaulted by undercover “agents provocateurs” when he attempted to film them.

While 1,000 Montrealers, including many parents with young children, marched to denounce the abusive police treatment of G20 protestors, Montreal police apparently attempted to introduce agent provocateurs into the march. The provocateurs were spotted trying to enter the march on Sherbrooke Street, but were forced out by attentive march organizers. Two videos of the group of provocateurs were posted on youtube on Friday:

“They were big guys, looking like thugs. In fact, they looked very much like the police provocateurs who were caught on video carrying rocks at the protest against the Security and Prosperity Partnership in Montebello, Quebec in August 2007,” stated Scott Weinstein, who decided to bicycle over to film the group when informed of their presence.

When he caught up to them, the provocateurs were walking one block east of the march, on St-Dominique, parallel to most of the children and babies who tended to be near the end of the march“The police had no business playing these games and threatening violence, especially when so many children were present,” explained Weinstein, a health care worker and photographer. “Their strategy is totally unacceptable.”

The group quickly surrounded Weinstein, grabbed him and attempted to take his camera from him. He refused to let go. They dragged Weinstein to the sidewalk and kneed him until he could no longer hold onto the camera. “I knew they wanted to erase the evidence, especially since I didn’t hide I was filming them. I made sure not to touch them, instead I tried to protect myself in a fetal position and screamed for help.”

Janet Cleveland, a psychologist, was leaving the march and returning home when she heard screams. “I saw 5 or 6 burly young guys dressed in black forming a tight circle around someone, holding his hands behind his back and pushing his face to the pavement while he screamed for help. It was scary – my first thought was that they might be skinheads beating somebody up. There was no way to tell the difference. But they told me that they were police and that I should stay away.”

Cleveland stayed to watch as Weinstein was forced into a police car and then alerted Quebec Solidaire MPP Amir Khadir, who also attended the march. Khadir intervened with the police immediately after the arrest to denounce the arbitrary, abusive and illegal character of Weinstein’s arrest.

“Quebec citizens expect the police to respect the democratic rights of people who demonstrate”, stated Khadir. “Dissent and opposition are not only permitted in this country, but must also be protected and celebrated. I am particularly proud of people like Scott who protest peacefully to denounce the abuse and violence of police repression in Toronto. It is unacceptable that Montreal police use the same tricks that led to the excesses of the security agencies in Toronto,” he stated.

Three police ethics commission reports in April 2010 found that filming the police is legal.

Weinstein was released the same evening but faces bogus charges of assault with a weapon. According to a police spokesperson, his bicycle was the weapon. However, as events revealed, Weinstein’s real “weapon” was his camera: when police returned it to him, all video and photo material had been erased.

Luckily for Weinstein, a bystander caught the incident on camera and posted it to youtube. Weinstein is trying to get in touch with this person.

you can hear the guy yelling help - wow look at all those protestors in montreal whole street is cops!

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