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Originally Posted by abc12 View Post
regarding this topic, i heard rumors that the police cars that were set on fire were un-plated... any truth to this?
That rumour is a crock of BS, same as the one that the cruisers were left as bait for the protesters to burn to justify police actions.

In this video about 42 seconds in, I see a plate on the front of the cruiser and I see a cop inside of it when it was first attacked by protesters.

The cruisers were abandoned because the police got caught by surprise and had to bail, ended up having to leave the cruisers behind because of the protesters attacking them.

The other stupid rumour was that the police let the cruisers continue to burn to again justify their agenda. The cruisers being left to burn because the area was unsafe for the fire dept. The fire dept will not go into extinguish the flames until the area is secure and it took awhile to do that.
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