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You are close by (I grew up in that area). It can be done in 1 day if nothing else breaks. I suggest doing this on a day that the dealership is open just in case you need to grab a quick part.

As for your comments:

1) The clamps are retarded to take off, but can be done without cutting them, just takes patience and small screwdrivers or ratchet with bit. Max_VQ recommends a mirror which came in handy (I have one for this).

2) It will be easier to do this with manifold off, but I did not go this route as I had no vacuum leaks.

I posted this link to a distribution piece. I did not do it, but now thinking I should have b/c you are taking it off anyways. Mine felt light and did not contain oil since I changed the CCV as a preventative measure only.

I know that everyone's time is limited these days. For me, the days just run into each other. The only day that would work for me to swing by would be a Saturday morning - my wife is going to kill me for taking time out for this, so it has to be early so I can get back by like 10am. I mean like 7am you are tearing it all apart. If you can tear it down to the point you were last time the night before, it would speed things up. If Saturday does not work then we can risk a Sunday with no dealership - again super early.
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