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Thx for reviving this post. It's been crazy the past 4 months, so I've not thought about coolant overhaul or anything. I'm at 125k, so I'm going to risk it until next year, unless we can get this discussion going and have a meet/fix or something. I even wanted to hit buffalo for tires, but that never happened and I'm on wear bars now hoping to last the season until winter swap. Last week I got my first ABS/parking/traction light issue which should be the ABS module - has not come on since, but I'm waiting for it

As for my buddy's shop - PM sent.

I actually did the CCV myself, even though my buddy could have done it quicker and without me suffering any backpain. It took me way longer over 2 days, but it feels good to get it done yourself. Now I can do it in about 3-4 hours no sweat. I ordered most parts from bimmerspecialist/autopartsway, making sure to get the cold weather version (I don't think you can get the regular one these days). I even talked to the BMW parts guy as they always carry the parts since it's a defect and he said it's a good DIY project. DO NOT order the parts from dealership and DO NOT get the newly designed dip stick (400+). You only need the CCV and the 4 tubes. The oil dip stick tube you just clean out and replace the O-ring if needed.

Here are the links that I used:

read up on these too:

I can try and assist you as well. The biggest time waster was not having the proper torx take off this one part was stupid hard b/c I had the wrong bits so I tried to make another tool work (2 hours wasted for nothing). Make sure you got the tools listed in the DIY before you start. I'm in the 401/DVP area, so I can try and pop by.

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