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Originally Posted by daytona View Post
all this BS about the police,yes they treated some people roughly,they treated others with respect,everywhere they had supervisors and the detention center had the SIU monitoring the area since they figure that was where the possibility of abuse may happen.Ems supervisors was there and so was the redcross.SO before you start to accuse the cops of those incidents you better have proof.If I was a black block wearing civilian clothes and got jailed in a holding cell of course I would start to scream to the press about abuse.The police officers did what the supervisors told them,they did their job.No one was seriously hurt no one died,they didnt use the water cannons,they didnt use tasers,they didnt use the sound cannon.If there is blame to go around it should be Harper and Miller for allowing a G20 to held in the heart of Toronto.

and another thing all the righteous posters here saying all cops are bad cops is what did the protesters accomplished?..nothing...G8 countries left promising things they cant deliver due to the huge amount of debt,G20 countries left with the same guidelines they been working with and will continue to struggle to provide half decent living conditions for their people.The riots was lame compared to European riots,it was a side show for those carrying cameras and the media,I cannot believe all the weak ass protesters Toronto has whining about their so call "rights" being abused and being "jailed" for 24 hours.You knew the police be out in force,you knew they were going to be arresting everything in sight,you went as a spectator you came out as one of the players.
+1 Well said.

But of course, since there's no rebuttal for what you said, you must be Hitler, and a Holocaust denier. Damn you for having a balanced view! .
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